Five Elements: Fire
Thai Yoga combines massage, acupressure, breathwork, energy balancing, stretching and assisted yoga postures

Our Yoga Concept


espritrelax is a unique concept in the South of France, blending the wisdom of Eastern traditions with the practical requirements of a Western lifestyle to help you improve and maintain your physical and mental well-being, and enjoy a more balanced and healthy life.

Yoga Classes, Workshops & Retreats

All one-to-one yoga classes, small group workshops, and retreats are specifically tailored to your individual needs.

We don't teach you a style of yoga, we give you the keys of yoga to begin and/or maintain a consistent practice regardless of the style preferred. Gradually and comfortably you will find your own style and do what feels natural. That's how yoga was traditionally practiced.


We don't practice in the artificial confines of a yoga studio, we like to take our yoga outdoors and practice in the natural warmth of the Côte d'Azur sunshine to really sense our connection with nature. Small group workshops take place outside on a beach, mountain top or in a lush garden. One-to-one classes can be held either in the comfort of your own home, on your yacht, or in a private villa whilst on vacation—the options are endless and the benefits are great!

Get Started!

If you wish to integrate yoga's unique gifts into your life, or perhaps deepen and enrich your existing yoga practice, or rather relax whilst still enjoying the benefits of bodywork and healthy lifestyle coaching, then espritrelax yoga is for you.

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